Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hamilton's Jennifer Budd Shakes Things Up on Debut CD!

If Lip Service, the inaugural album from Hamilton singer/songwriter Jennifer Budd is any indication, she's in for quite an impressive career.  While the sound's mainly in the pop/soul vein, the talented lady isn't afraid to shakes thing up and make things a little more interesting.

Her combination of modern R&B with old fashioned soul (adding an alternative twist) will pleasantly surprise.  The album never gets boring as her voice can go from soft and ethereal to a declarative, powerhouse statement.

Jennifer has enlisted an amazing collection of musicians: Tyler Bersche of The Medicine Hat (Guitar), Elliott Gwynne (Bass/Synth), Chris Stewart (Drums), Chris Bruder (Keys/Organ), Mike Boyd (Synth), Murray Heaton of Earth's Yellow Sun (Sax) and Justin James (Trumpet). They do justice to the multi-genre melding on the album.

This astounding CD can be picked up at one of her live shows or Dr. Disc in Hamilton.  It can also be downloaded through Bandcamp or iTunes.

Blast from the Past: Jennifer Wins 1st Debbie Clause Recording Fund

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