Sunday, March 6, 2016

Waterloo's John McKinley Band Debuts With Impressive, High Energy Album

If Blues-flavoured classic rock then is your thing, then you'll love Window on the World, the  massive debut album from Waterloo's John McKinley Band.  It'll have ya shufflin' yer feet and shakin' yer ass as the powerful riffs reverberate throughout your body.

When John plugs in and goes, you'll be in for a wild ride filled with funky beats, soulful licks and master shredding.  His guitar work will impress and astound as you get caught up in the high energy of the album.

Ben Rollo (Drums) and Darius McKinley (Bass) round out this extraordinary band.  They're joined buy many talented guest such as Rachel Lee Cousineau (Vocals), Danny Castro (Percussion), Scott Galloway (Keyboards) and Melissa Barry (Violin).

Go head and pick up this CD at John's must-experience live shows or ore\der online via Indiepool or iTunes.

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