Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hamilton's Hanna Bech Debuts With Stunning, Hook-Laden EP!

There're more musical hooks in Naked Bones, the debut EP from Hamilton's Hanna Bech than in most full albums.   The lady really knows how to craft a pop folk song with beautiful lyrics.

This amazing recording kicks off infectiously and hypnotically then reaches a sonic crescendo with the powerful, Tidal Wave.  It's all finished with two delicate songs that serve as calming afterglow.

Hanna's stunning back up team includes Rachel NolanJon BusuttilMichel DeQuevedoJohn Muller, Pamela Gardner, Alex SamarasGeoff Ball and Caroline Olsen.  No matter what's thrown at them by this EP (Folk, jazz pop, classical, etc), they handle it with gusto.

If you're interested in a copy, check out her live shows and pick one up or you can download it using Bandcamp.

Stream the album below

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