Saturday, December 3, 2016

Experience Gritty, Vivid Storytelling on New Album from Hamilton's Dave Pomfret

The new songs on A Devil's Urge, the compelling sophomore album from Dave Pomfret will lure you in with their catchy, rootsy, pop hooks.  Once they've captured you, be ready to experience some incredible, vivid, lyrical storytelling.

Dave's gritty voice will guide you into tales of a bank robbing muscle man (a true story!), heartbreak, loss and more. Each track has its own phenomenal spirit and vibe. The layered texture of the sound also illuminates your way through this musical journey.  

Dave's chosen a number of amazing local artists to back him up.  His co-horts in the band Fry Truck are here: Dan Medakovic (baking vocals), Chris Altmann (pedal steel, piano, organ) and Matt Coleman (fiddle). Also joining him are Mike Trebilcock (guitar, vocals) , Greg Brisco (organ), Jay Burr (horns), Ross Wooldridge (saxophone) plus Lisa Winn and Brennagh Burns  on backing vocals.

You can pick up the CD at his wonderful live shows or go to Dr. Disc in Hamilton. It should be available on iTunes soon too.

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