Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cootes Paradise Debut is World Class

Pretty much everything about the self-titled debut album of Dundas band Cootes Paradise screams 'world-class'. From the beautiful look of the CD art to the phenomenal production and, of course, the astonishing music - it's all impressive.

It's no wonder since Cootes Paradise is a super-group. Members include:
Together, they've forged a collection of well-crafted songs that are bluesy, funky, soulful and more. Each and every song has its own unique flavour. They all have the talent to pull off this wondrous genre-blending with panache.

To top it all off, there's the legendary Nick Blagona doing production, mixing and mastering (as well as some percussion).  Other highlights include a visit from the remarkable Grand River Voices choir on one track and some extraordinary co-writing by Sharon Washington, Daniel CavasantTom Shea and others.

You've gotta get your hands on this album so pick it up at one of the group's unforgettable live shows. Stores carrying the CD include Dr. Disc in Hamilton and Ell├źnoire in Dundas. It's also available through their website, cdbaby and itunes.

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