Saturday, January 27, 2018

Elmore James' 100th Birthday (incl local covers + comments)

Today (January 27, 2018) would have been Blues Legend Elmore James' 100th birthday.

We asked local musicians for their comments on Elmore's career.  Here are a few quotes:

Larry Feudo (Trickbag): 
Elmore James took the Mississippi Delta blues to a whole new level-he electrified an acoustic guitar and propelled Robert Johnson's influence into a whole new thing. An innovative slide guitar master and a great singer who set a new standard for exciting modern blues.
Frank Cosentino
Elmore James was and still is a powerful force.....the grooves on his records hold the key to his magic.
In his honour, here are a few Elmore covers from a local acts:

Links: Jack de KeyzerMore Jack de Keyzer StoriesVideo above courtesy of David Stephen

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And here are some videos from the man himself:

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