Sunday, April 1, 2018

Trebleclef to Become the Easter Monkey Next Year!

If you bump into the Easter Bunny this Easter, you may want to say goodbye. After decades of hard work, he's decided to hang up his basket and move to Florida. In more incredible news, Trebleclef, our little monkey mascot has been hired to replace him.

"I've had a great run," the Easter Bunny admitted, "I'm looking forward to playing cards and shuffleboard at the Roundtree Retired Rabbit Residence. My buddies Thumper, Bugs, Peter and Oswald are already there.

Easter Inc. C.E.O. April Fulcilli had to make the hard choice of replacing the legendary rabbit.

"There was a lot of competition," she explained, "Due to Easter Inc's diversity mandate, we opened it up to all species. A flood of creatures came through the door" Applicants included the Tazmanian Devil, Animal from the Muppets, Jaleel White (Urkel from Family Matters), Ed the Sock, TC (Ti-Cats mascot) and of course, Treble.

"There'll definitely be changes," said Lou (Treble's manager and also our esteemed blogger), "Not only will kids get the usual tasty treats but we've decided to add something for the adults."

Starting next Easter, Treble will be hiding local CD's to help promote the area music scene! Keep your eyes peeled in 2019!

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  1. Happy Easter and April Fools Day! Remember to support local music!