Friday, May 3, 2019

Pete Seeger's 100th Birthday

Today (Friday, May 3, 2019) would have been Folk legend Pete Seeger's 100th birthday. Pete left an indelible mark in the world of folk music. He was the quintessential activist/singer and inspired generations of artists.

We asked a few local artists for their thoughts on this unforgettable musician.

Steve Sinnicks
Pete Seeger always put the the folk in folk music. Just sing it and make it true. And reintroducing socks and sandals of course. A giant.
Dave Pomfret
I always found inspiration in his sense of song and melody. To me, he was proof that those elements need not be sacrificed to make a social or political statement.
Dan Medakovic
As a young adult growing up in a Catholic European family, The one thing that got me to church every week was the folk music that was played as part of mass.  Before I even knew who Pete Seeger was, I was already in love with songs like Where Have All the Flowers Gone, and, Turn, Turn, Turn.  
Pete’s music will forever be associated with everything good that happened in my early years. I had the pleasure of participating in a Pete Seeger sing-along event a couple of years ago. It felt like going to church; something I don’t do anymore. It was wonderful, and his music really brought everyone together.
Andy Griffiths
Pete Seeger's influence reaches far and wide ... across generations and genres. I don't think there are many musicians today who have not been touched by his music for the people! 
 Now for some videos from the man himself.

Video above courtesy of partridge662

Video above courtesy of 2old2Rock

Video above courtesy of PopulistParty

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