Thursday, September 26, 2019

Abbey Road Turns 50! Covers by Hailee Rose, Revolver, Erin McGean & Christopher Clause, Muppets

50 years ago today (Sept 26) the Beatles released their classic album Abbey Road.

Here are some local covers of songs from that seminal album.

Links: Hailee RoseMore Hailee Rose StoriesVideo above courtesy of Jaimie Vernon

Links: Revolver, Video above courtesy of Revolverbeatlesmusic

Links: Erin McGeanChristopher Clause, More Christopher Clause StoriesVideo above courtesy of Erin McGean

And now, a special bonus videoo by the Muppets

Links: MuppetsMore Muppets StoriesVideo above courtesy of Z-1's World Of Wonders

Links: BeatlesMore Beatles Covers/Stories

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