Sunday, September 8, 2019

News Roundup (Elyse Saunders, SOCAN Foundation Prizes, Global Music Awards)

Bent Pinky
Strange Brew
More Musical Toons

Mah Moud: Sigada” (ON)

Links: Mah Moud, Video above courtesy BIRP!

Lou-Adriane Cassidy: Poussière (QC)

Links: Lou-Adriane CassidyVideo above courtesy if ICI Musique


GRAE: Your Hands (ON)

Links: Grae, Video above courtesy of Graé - Topic


Kasia Leigh: Love Song #1 (SK) (NO VIDEO AVAILABLE)


Arianna Ohlsson: Heaven

Links: Arianna Ohlsson, Video above courtesy of Arianna Ohlsson


Global Music Award Winners
Canadian winners below, click title for full list

Gold Medals
Silver Medals
Bronze Medals

Adventures of Trebleclef, the Music-Loving Monkey

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