Saturday, June 6, 2020

Canal Bank Shuffle Posting Dazzling Blues Every Saturday! Videos by Virgil Scott, Josh Miller, Spencer Mackenzie, Chris Ayries

If missing live Blues music has got you down during the quarantine, the Canal Bank Shuffle YouTube page is here to help. Every Saturday, they'll be posting multiple videos from dazzling past performances as part of the Almost Live series.

Special message from the Shuffle:
If you can tip even a buck or two it will help to keep this series going. All money goes to artists and video team.
You can do that at and press "shop now" or e-transfer, or click the paypal button at the top of the Canal  Bank Youtube home page. Also non digital option is to drop a tip at Donnelly's Pub. They are open for take-out.
I hope everyone stays safe and we love you. Cheers' and feel free to share the videos folks. Thanks to videographer David Stephen.
Here's a sampling of what's been offered:

Click here for Virgil Scott's site

Links: Josh Miller, More Josh Miller Stories

Links: Spencer MackenzieMore Spencer Mackenzie Stories

Links: Chris Ayries, More Chris Ayries Stories

All videos above courtesy of Canal Bank Shuffle

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