Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dundas Music Club Offering Phenomenal Performances Online! Videos by Sharon Washington/Scotty Bakalar, Lily Sazz, Steve Parton, Dan Medakovic, Jay Burr

The Dundas Music Club has the solution for your lockdown blues. Their Facebook page has some phenomenal videos for you to watch.

Every Wednesday at 7 pm, they run a watch party (there's usually a theme). Even if you can't make it to that, many of the incredible videos stay on the page and you can listen to them at your leisure.

Here's some of what's available now:

Links: More Sharon Washington StoriesScotty BakalarMore Scotty Bakalar Stories, Video above courtesy of Sharon Washington

Links: Lily Sazz, More Lily Sazz Stories, Video above courtesy of Lily Sazz

Links: Steve Parton, More Steve Parton Stories, Video above courtesy of Steve Parton

Links: Danny MedakovicMore Dan Medakovic Stories, More Hollies Covers/StoriesVideo above courtesy of Danny Medakovic

Links: Jay Burr, More Jay Burr Stories, Video above courtesy of Jay Burr

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