Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Carole King's Tapestry w Burlington's Suzanne O

Today (February 10, 2021), Carole King's classic album, Tapestry turns 50 years old.

To celebrate, here are a few videos of Burlington's Suzanne O, who has performed a tribute to Carole on many occasions.

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We asked Suzanne to give her thought about the classic album. Here is what she had to say: 

For me, every song on Tapestry is a brilliant display of great song writing that is delivered with simplicity, heart, and the perfect mix of musicians. It is an album that universally touched people’s souls the instant the needle hit the vinyl.  

The title track, ‘Tapestry’ is one that can make me cry, so I must be careful in approaching it during live performances.  The message of life’s journey is instilled here so aptly, and hits home - more so during these times.  

Lou Adler intuitively produced these songs in such a natural surrounding with all musicians together in Studio B at A&M; and that was part of the secret.  This album holds the magic that was created not only by the outstanding songs written by Carole King (w/ G Goffin and T Stern), but the ambience of the studio space, and the sign of the times in 1971 when it was recorded. 

Each song seems to carry its own vibe and meaning for me, especially playing it live, so I embrace every track on the album with open arms and full heart.  I think this recording affects people on such an emotional level that it cannot really be described by most.  

My feeling is that it transports them to a place of peace and a feeling of pure joy in hearing musical excellence.  I love performing the entire album during our shows, because of the effect it has on the listener.  We take a little trip together that seems to make time and space evaporate. That’s the magic!


Here are a few videos from the lady herself.

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