Saturday, February 20, 2021

Crowbar's Bad Manors Turns 50!

In 2021, Bad Manors, the classic album from the legendary Crowbar, turns 50 years old! This was the unforgettable Hamilton band's second offering and the first just under just its own name (their debut was technically King Biscuit Boy with Crowbar). This was, of course, the album that would feature their biggest hit, the ever-eternal Oh, What a Feeling.


We asked a few local musicians to give their thoughts on this incredible album.

Paul Panchezak (Trickbag, King Biscuit Boy and touring member of Crowbar)
In Melody Maker, Paul McCartney called "Oh What A Feeling" the "party record of the year". I read it with my own eyes as a young high school student. It made me very proud of my home town.

Corey Lueck (Smoke Wagon Blues Band

When I first dove into the world of classic rock and album hunting  my aunt told me stories of this glorious  band that lived and partied together in this old mansion. That sounded like the life to me! I ran out and picked up a used copy at Cactus Records in Oakville which I still own and play today!

I got such a kick out of how fun this band sounded with the cool train imitations on Train Keep Rolling to the hoots, hollering and yodeling on Baby Let's Play House and of course, the iconic shouts on Oh What What a Feeling.

The album was just jammed packed with Blues, Rocking boogies, boogie woogie piano, whaling harp, and screaming guitar! I'd stare at the picture on the center fold of these wild and crazy Canuck hippies out in the snow! This album was a masterpiece that makes you proud to be a Canadian musician

For me it was one of the heaviest sounds I had heard up to that time! It proved that Canadian musicians could hold they're own with the best in the world! And in most cases surpassing!

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