Thursday, March 31, 2022

Hamilton Blues Lovers' 1st Musical Theatre Production

The Hamilton Blues Lovers are getting into the musical theatre business and we’re kicking it off with a masterpiece! Writer/director Trebleclef has a sure-fire sensation in his hot little paws: Treeside Story. It’s an extremely unique tale of love between members of two feuding gangs: chipmunks and squirrels. The show follows the romance of Romero and Julie, star-crossed lovers whose forbidden relationship causes friction within their groups.

Treble wrote many future hit tunes for our inaugural production.  When You’re a Squirrel, I Feel Nutty and Springtime for Chipmunks will have people dancing in the aisles. Treeside Story will debut early next year at the Shecky McGillicutty Memorial Concert Theatre.

Lou (show producer and HBL blogger) is very optimistic about the project’s chances. “Our accountant Leo Bloom is a financial genius”, Lou explained, “Together, we got 50% of the funding from Luigi’s Nut Hut, 50% from the Gullible Old Widows Association and the final 50% from Bubba’s Used Underwear Emporium.”

Casting director April Fulcilli recently announced that open auditions will begin next week. All chipmunks and squirrels who can sing and dance are encouraged to come. Sponsor Luigi’s Nut Hut will be providing the refreshments (and supplying the performer payment).

We’ll keep you updated with details of this world-class production. Soon, we’ll be Broadway-bound! 

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  1. Wow! The mere fact that you would associate with Bubba's on such a project shows that you are already "on the skids "!!!

  2. well i am a big fan of squirrels, so count me in.