Saturday, August 13, 2022

Spencer Mackenzie Tops Himself With Phenomenal New Album

Niagara Blues master Spencer Mackenzie has been topping himself with every release and his latest phenomenal album, Preach to My Soul, is no different. This Gypsy Soul Records release (distributed by Warner Canada) is a massive step forward.

Spencer's youthful vibrancy is still in place plus he's added lot more sweet soul to his repertoire. His voice projects the experience of musicians two times his age. Whether he's rockin' out, getting his gospel on or slinking through a beautiful slow number, Spencer's playing grabs your attention and doesn't let go.

The singer/guitar slinger is aided and abetted by Miles Evans (keys), Steve Pelletier (bass), Adam Cannon (drums), Ross Hayes-Citrullo (producer, guitars on two tacks), Steve Strongman (guitar on Paranoia Blues), Chantal Williams (background vocals), Julian Nalli, and Stephen Dyte (trumpet)

Get your hands on this astounding album at his powerful live shows or Spencer's website. It also available on Spotify to stream.

Video above courtesy of Spencer Mackenzie - Topic

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