Monday, December 18, 2023

New George Lardie Album Like a Chat with a Old Friend

You should pull up a seat and grab a glass when listening to Good Old Days, the latest wonderful recording by Hamilton's George Lardie. The album's like having a drink with an old friend and engaging in a long chat. There'll be reminiscing of the past, discussing the state of the world, advice (good and bad) and the occasional argument.

George's unique voice, great piano work and his lyricism steer the conversation in interesting ways. There's some fabulous boogie woogie, early rock plus a few touches of country, jazz and more.

There's agreat collection of talent helping him out on the music: Chris Wheeler (guitar), Andrew McTaggart (guitar), Carm Milioto (guitar, vocals, recording), Robert Nind (guitar), Tristan Bernardi (bass), Zander Lamothe (drums), Glen Brown (drums, vocals, kazoo), Ian Aisling (vocals), Elinor Brown (banjo, vocals).

CD's and downloads are available through his Bandcamp Page

Stream the album below

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