Sunday, December 3, 2023

Rock Legend Myles Goodwyn (April Wine) Passes

It is with sadness that we announce that April Wine vocalist/guitarist Myles Goodwyn passed away on Sunday, December 2, 2023. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans. Myles, who was born in New Brunswick and lived in Nova Scotia, gained international fame for his seminal work with April Wine and also had an incredible solo career. He'd recently retired from the popular band. 

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Sad and shocked to hear of the  passing of April Wine’s Myles Goodwyn. A wonderful musician, singer writer  and great guy. I was honoured to to work with him and to become friends in recent years. A Canadian rock legend gone too soon. RIP Myles Goodwyn.

Corey Lueck (Smoke Wagon Blues Band

Super sad to see the passing of Myles Goodwyn 😪 this afternoon. It feels like a whole damn Canadian Rock'n'roll institution is passing along with him. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a Canadian music fan that hasn't rocked out to April Wine live! What an explosive singer/song writer/guitar hero and performer! One of the greatest that Canada has ever seen. I like most Canadians have seen them too many times to bother trying to count, a highlight for me was always their famous New year's Eve shows a lulus, very sad loss.

Lou Molinaro

Sad day for Canadian music.  Myles Goodwyn of April Wine has passed away.  April Wine were a band that were introduced to me when I was a young kid via K-Tel records.  Always loved their songs the most on those comps. I was in grade school when I bought "Electric Jewels" and to this day it still remains as one of my favourite Canadian albums.  Bummer... again. 

Andy Griffiths

Sorry to hear about Myles Goodwyn. April Wine was the sound track of late teens ... early twenties. I still remember one summer ... working on my car in the driveway ... with April Wine blasting out of the speakers in my bedroom window! My band of the time also covered a few AW tunes! RIP Myles!  

Paul Lawrence

Truly saddened by this news. Had a few funny chats with Myles on Facebook. One time I asked if he still had the sparkly red Goya guitar that’s on the cover of Electric Jewels and told him I had a blue one I was playing for a time. He responded with “oh that thing? Yeah. Plays like shite!” 

Thanks for the decades of wonderful music Myles. 

Rest in peace. 

Video above courtesy of Myles Goodwyn - Topic

Video above courtesy of Myles Goodwyn - Topic

Links: Myles Goodwyn, More April Wine StoriesVideo above courtesy of Myles Goodwyn - Topic

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