Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Dave Pomfret CD: No Rush

Former Munday Nuns members, Dave Pomfret's new CD: No Rush, is an amazing collection of songs that's hard to pin down stylistically.

Dave (aka Salsa Dave) goes from catchy, rockin' riffs to mellow melodies. On the way, he touches on folk, rock, and even bits of pop and country thrown in.

Joining Dave in making this great music is former Nuns bandmate (and former Killjoy) Mike Trebilcock on guitar and many other instruments. Mike also produced the disc.

A number of other talented performers aided and abetted the singer/songwriter, including: Mark Mcintyre (bass), Aaron Goldstein (Pedal steel guitar), Craig Lapsley (Drums), Troy Dowding (Trumpet), Darcy Hepner (Sax, Organ), Rosemary Hale (Violin), Sarah Honeyford (Cello). On Background vocals there's Mary Simon, Jean Caffeine, and the Mississippi Kings.

The album was also a family affair as his wife, Karen Sturrock and his stepchildren joined on backing vocals. His son, Brier Pomfret, plays the piano on it as well.

Click here to listen to songs from No Rush.

Below are videos from his CD Release (and birthday) party on June 30, 2009. Click here if you can't see them.

Dave's step-daughter (and future superstar) Sarah Ivanco, came up and sang to start things off. She wowed the crowd.

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