Monday, November 16, 2009

Design Hope CD Release Party - Nov. 15, 2009

Fred D Smith,(vocals), Karen Corinth (harmony vocal), Frank Koren (guitar, left), Zander Lamothe (drums), Christopher Clause (bass, right)


Chris and Christa, Frank Koren (guitar, left), Amy King (keys), Zander Lamothe (drums), Christopher Clause (bass, right)

Dan Medakovic (vocals), Colin Lapsley (keys), Kim Koren (harmony vocals), Zander Lamothe (drums), Michael Hickey (Trickbag, bass), Anthony Medakovic (guitar, right)


Kim Koren (vocals), Frank Koren (guitar, left), Colin Lapsley (keys), Zander Lamothe (drums), Marrakech Koren (Bass, right)


Jude Johnson and Randall Hil


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