Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Design Hope Songwriter's Project - Love is Everything CD

Every year, around Christmastime, some of the best local artists gather to create an Incredible CD. On November 15, 2009, volume 4 of the Design Hope Songwriters Project was unleashed to the world. Proceeds from these amazing collections go to help feed and shelter the homeless.

This year's talent crop include, Christopher Clause, Fred D Smith, Isobelle Gunn, Josh Lamothe, Chris & Christa, Dan Medakovic, Kim Koren, Bob Bryden, Lisa Winn, Hailey Gillis, Amy King, Kori Pop, Shawn Brush, Jude Johnson, and Shelly Addams.

The CD will be available at the front desk of the Spectator, many local retailers, and through the Design Hope web site.

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Below are a few videos from the CD Release party - If you can't see the videos below, click here - Click here for the previous videos from the show. More will be posted soon.

Left to right: Christopher Clause, Zander Lamothe, Frank Koren


Left to right: Amy King, Christopher Clause, Josh Lamothe, Zander Lamothe, Rob Lamothe


Hailey Gillis (vocals, keys), Zander Lamothe (drums), Kim Koren (harmony vocals)

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