Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Steelworker's Waltz Fundraising CD is Pure Hamilton

The new compilation disc, Steelworker's Waltz, is as hardcore Hamilton as it comes. It has amazing Hamilton musicians singing songs about blue collar work on a CD in support of striking steelworkers. This album just bleeds steel.

There are 15 unreleased and/or recently recorded songs from the talented performers in our beloved steeltown. There's poetry, rap, folk, country, blues and much more in this collection - something for everyone!

The CD is available to purchase at Pick N Sticks, Dr. Disc, Cheapies and many other locations across Hamilton. You can also contact boxostudio@gmail.com to request a copy. All monies raised goes towards helping the Local Steelworkers 1005.

Here is the track listing
1. If Not You? - Bill Mahoney
2. 10,000 Degrees - Martin Verall w/Mike Williams (bass)
3. 1005 Anthem - Tim Gibbons
4. Pretty Good Life - Sam Squid
5. Melting Pot - Ray Materick
6. Tougher Now - "Busker" Al Barubek
7. Strength - Brad Hails (Killin' Time Band)
8. All Together Now - Mac-N-Awe
9. Rustbelt Lullaby - Stephen Foster (Crawlin' Kingsnakes)(Simply Saucer)
10. Angles With Bloody Knees - Lori Yates w/Shawn Brush (pedal steel)
11. The Debt - Steve Sinnicks
12. Blue-Green - Kevin Barber
13. Old Steeltown - Edgar Breau (Simply Saucer) with Les Smith (Trickbag)(harmonica)
14. The Colour of Steel - Shawn Brush
15. Oh Hamilton - The Hamilton Kid w/Brendan Russell (keyboards)

Below are a few videos from the CD release party. We'll be posting more footage of that soon.

Last video courtesy of steinberg321

Click here for more footage of the event

Links: Steve Sinnicks, Al Barubek, Tim Gibbons, Edgar Breau, Martin Verall


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