Monday, January 23, 2012

New Harrison Kennedy CD: Shame the Devil

Harrison Kennedy's unmistakable mix of soul and old-fashioned country blues continues on his latest CD, Shame the Devil (from Electro-Fi records).

The disc's sound is as authentic as blues can be. You can feel the emotion and soul both in the music and the lyrics.

Harrison's heartfelt voice and passionate musicanship is displayed on every singe track. There's the soft, tender You Don't Know Me, the banjo-riffic Hound and Rabbit, and the danceable Music to My Ears.

Joining Harrison is Keith 'Happy' Lindsay (Keyboards, accordian, percussion), Alec Fraser (Bass), and Matt King (Electric guitar)

The CD is available at his wonderful live shows and as a download on iTunes or eMusic.

Below are a few live performances of songs from the CD.

Above video courtesy of Electro-Fi Records

Above video courtesy of Canal Bank Shuffle

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