Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Edgar Breau CD: Patches of Blue

One thing you won't find a lot of on Edgar Breau's latest CD, patches of blue is repetition. The local singer/songwriter covers a whole lot of ground in just 12 songs.

While mainly known as a member of the proto-punk/psych band, Simply Saucer, his solo endeavors are more on the rootsier side. Edgar explores all aspects of the genre: folk, country, blues, celtic, and much more. Every single song has a unique spirit.

Highlights include the trippy title track, the funky One Kind of Love, the wonderfully folky Dreams of Jack Kerouac, and the island sounds of Maria the Sea and the Sun.Joining Edgar in his musical explorations are Mike Trebilcock, Kyle Pacey, Bill Dillon, members of Trickbag (Michael Hickey, Paul Panchezak), Joe Clark, Brian Griffith, Ed Roth, Simply Saucer bassist Kevin Christoff, and Michael Birthelmer (who also produced).

The CD is available at his live shows as well as cdbaby and as downloads on eMusic, iTunes, and cdbaby.

Below is a video of the title track. Courtesy of Flying Inn Recordings.

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