Friday, January 27, 2012

New Cootes Leland (Tim Gibbons) CD: Trail of Smoke

Local musical legend Tim Gibbons has been reborn as Cootes Leland on his latest CD Trail of Smoke (his first for Latent Recordings).

There is a reinvention of sorts happening here as he goes for a harder rocking approach than his last few releases. Don't worry - The beautiful, lyrical, softer spirit is evident on many of the tracks as well. Country, Blues, Folk and Roots all find a home on the album.

Gibbons' excellent voice, guitar playing and banjo pickin' are all in good form. The amazing backing band really matches his enthusiasm and talent.

Longtime fans of the singer/songwriter will recognize a few songs which have been reworked (Medicine Girl, Ride the Blinds, Top Hat and more) with renewed energy.

The CD is available at his live shows and as a download on his web site, iTunes and eMusic (At the moment, there seems to be a problem with the downloads from iTunes and eMusic).

Below is a track from the CD.

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