Monday, April 16, 2012

New Fred Eaglesmith CD: 6 Volts

Local singer/songwriter Fred Eaglesmith recently released 6 Volts, his 19th (!!!!) album.

This time Fred has decided to scale back the sound from his previous discs and made it an old-fashioned, stripped down, lo-fi affair.

Thanks to the bare basics sonic landscape, the songwriting really shines in this collection. One of the singer's biggest strengths is weaving amazing stories and every tune has a wonderful tale to tell.

That's not to say that the instrumentals are neglected here. On the contrary - everything serves the story and the rhythms and melodies are there to draw you in.

This CD is avilable with a limited edition package (and regular verison) through Fred's site. It can also be downloaded through eMusic and iTunes.

Below are a few videos from the CD.

Video courtesy of Pasalaqcua

Video courtesy of SoddyFlash

Video courtesy of JayHawk011

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