Monday, April 23, 2012

New Pete Van Dyk and the Second Hand Band EP: Live at the Casbah

Local musician, Pete Van Dyk and his group, the Second Hand Band, were always masters of hard rocking, punk-like blues. This is even more evident in their recent EP, Live at the Casbah.

The rawness of the sound is amped up in this collection. The guitars scream louder and Pete's vocals match their power. This ain't toe-tappin' play-on-the-front-porch blues - this is pump your fist and shake your butt music.

Pete and the gang offer up live versions of songs from their previous album and a great new tune called Friday Night.

As an added bonus, the download is pay what you can. They are trying to fund a new album so don't be stingy - another disc from these guys will definitely be worth it.

Below is a song from the EP, courtesy of Pete Van Dyk's YouTube Page

Blast from the Past: Review of Pete's Previous CD

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, Click here to download EP

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