Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New John Ellison Autobiography

Soul legend (and Dundas resident) John Ellison recently published Some Kind of Wonderful, his entertaining autobiography (co-written with the Spectator's Jon Wells).

His life is an intriguing, incredible story filled with pain, happiness, love, music and cherished memories.

In the book, Ellison remembers his rough early life in West Virginia, where he confronted racism, poverty and violence.

Later on, he also struggled with a blossoming music career.  That path led him to write and record (with the Soul Brothers Six) one of the most covered songs in history: Some Kind of Wonderful. 

This interesting look at the life of a local (and international) superstar is definitely worth reading.

The bio is mainly available for purchase at his website.

Below is a video interview (with a live song at the end) with the performer. Video courtesy of Cable14 Replay.

Blast from the Past: John Ellison (and others) Performing@Stewart Memorial Church

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