Friday, October 5, 2012

New Jacob Moon CD: Landing 2

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his great classic CD, Landing, local singer/songwriter Jacob Moon has released Landing 2: The 10th Anniversary Concert.

Recorded at Catherine North Studios in front of a live audience, it showcases all but two tracks from the first Landing CD and a few others extras thrown in.

Rather than just perform straightforward live versions of the tunes, Jacob has offered his fans something extra special.  The songs are wonderfully reinterpreted and re-imagined.  Lucky listeners get new arrangements, tempo changes, and sometimes just little tweaks.

Along with the live show, Landing 2 boasts five new tracks: one original and four covers, including Bruce Hornsby's The Way It Is).  Whether they're old are new, the songs all contain Jacob's trademark amazing guitarwork and emotional, inspiring voice.

It is pretty much a solo affair for most of the CD but the singer/songwriter is joined by Ali Matthews (vocals) and Rick Francis (steel guitar).

The CD is available at Jacob's live shows and through his website, cdbaby, and Noisetrade (download by donation).

Below are a few performances of tracks from the disc, courtesy of Jacob Moon's YouTube Page

Blast from the Past: Review of his previous CD, Maybe Sunshine

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