Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Episodes of Ensemble Music TV Show on YouTube

Ensemble is a music-based TV show on Cable 14 Hamilton that features four singer/songwriters per episode.

The show runs on Saturdays at 10pm and Sundays at 9pm.  There is a new episode each month or so.  You can also watch the program online with their live feed if you are a Cogeco, Shaw, or Source Cable subscriber.

Recently, many of the episodes were placed on Cable 14's YouTube page.

Here's what they have so far . . .

Episode 1: Duane Rutter, Cindy Dell, Brennagh Burns, Les Smith (Trickbag)

 Episode 2: Dan Medakovic, Tiny Bill Cody, Kim Koren, Paul Langille

Episode 3: J.P. Riemens, Sue Sweetman (Barn Katz), Joe Clark, Steve Strongman

Episode 4: Steve Sinnicks, Melissa Bel, Mike Todd, Mo' Kauffey

We will be posting more episodes as they become available. . .


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