Monday, November 18, 2013

2013 Hamilton Music Award Winners

The 2013 Hamilton  Music Awards were handed out on Saturday, November 16 (Industry) and Sunday, November 17 (main).  As always, it was an incredible celebration of the best music this city has to offer.  There was amazing music throughout the Hammer!

The big winners were Harrison Kennedy, who took home four trophies as well as a lifetime achievement award and hard rock band Monster Truck, who won seven awards.

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Here's a sampling of the winners!

Rising Star Winner: Ash to Ember

Industry Awards
  • Artist Website:
  • Video of the Year: Saint Alvia - Mother’s Day

    Links: Saint Alvia, Video courtesy of Saint Alvia
  • Best Album Artwork: Lee Harvey Osmond (The Folk Sinner)
  • Record Label: Sonic Unyon Recording Company (Terra Lightfoot, Young Rival, Threat Signal)
  • Music Retailer: Dr. Disc
  • Major Concert Venue: Gage Park
  • Live Club of the Year: This Ain’t Hollywood
  • Musical Event (People’s Choice): Supercrawl
  • Theatre: Pearl Company
  • Piano/Keyboard Player of the Year: Jesse O’Brien (Smoke Wagon Blues Band/Andre Bisson)
  • Special Instrumentalist: Yiannis Kapoulas
  • Guitarist: Jeremy Widerman (Monster Truck)
  • Drummer: Steve Kiely (Monster Truck)
  • Bassist: Jon Harvey (Monster Truck)
  • Local Group (People’s Choice): John Mamone
  • Canadian Recording (People’s Choice): Monster Truck 
Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

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