Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Fred Eaglesmith CD: Tambourine (HIS 20TH!)

Local music veteran Fred Eaglesmith has reached the incredible milestone of 20 albums with Tambourine. This latest disc is an amazing addition to the singer/songwriter's already impressive work.

The CD is a wonderful musical throwback to the 60s.  Fred peppers the songs with R&B, surf rhythms, soul, psychedelic sounds, gospel and more.  All the while, he still keeps things rooted in the country/Americana realm.  As always, his strong storytelling and lyrics raise it above a mere nostalgia-fest.

Frequent collaborator Scott Merritt co-produces the affair and also plays multiple instruments.  He and Fred have created an old-fashioned record that Fredheads will love.

To check out this great CD, you can pick it up at his live shows or through Fred's web shop.  It can also be downloaded through iTunes and eMusic.

Video above courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers

Video above courtesy of Skumm60

Video above courtesy of Paul Goode

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