Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Good for Naughts CD: No Great War

Guelph/Kitchener/Toronto alt-folk rock band, The Good For Naughts recently delivered their incredible sophomore album, No Great War.  It's genre-defying, edgy, unique, and vastly entertaining.

Part country, party swampy blues, part rock and a whole lotta other things things thrown in - it all adds up to some amazing music.  There's dazzling harmonica, great cigar box guitar, and rootsy rhythms amped up to 11.

Every track tells a story and the songwriting is tight here.  Even the track titles themselves seem to be well though out (Til The Mighty Have Fallen and The Great Guns Go Dead, I'll Be the Lost and more).

You can download this wonderful album through the band's Bandcamp Page.

Videos below courtesy of the Good for Naughts

Links: The Good For Naughts, More CD Releases

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