Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Vaudevillian Album: Beedle Am Bam

If you love pre-war blues,  you should definitely check out Beedle Am Bam the latest album from Kitchener's The Vaudevillian (aka Brendan J Stephens).  He and his co-horts have created amazing original tunes in the 1920s era style with a bit of a modern spin.

With a gritty, raw, almost punk-like approach, Brendan shouts and growls with gusto while backed by great old-time sounds such as kazoo, a resonator guitar, washboard (courtesy of Willow Walker) and much more.

There's also a team of fabulous banjo players such as Dan Belgue, Willie Ames, Joey Bell, Minnie Hart (also fiddle), Michelle Horel, Buck Thompson, and Bill Howard (also piano).

Together, they have created some wonderful ragtime music with some muscle and dirt in its soul.  The kind that sounds like it came from the speakeasies from the wrong side of the tracks.

You can download this must-have album from his Bandcamp page.

Videos above courtesy of Brendan J. Stephens

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