Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Molly Babin EPs: Telling Times and Ghost of a Chance

Late last year, Hamilton singer/songwriter Molly Babin released her fabulous EP, Telling Times.  Recently this year, she also dropped her latest great EP, Ghost of a Chance. Both recordings feature some incredible music from the songstress and her friendss.
Telling Times is Molly's debut EP and what a great way to start.  The vibe goes from country, jazz, folk and more.  Well produced and filled with great hooks, this is a band effort filled with energy and drive.

Along with her wonderful vocals, Molly deftly handles pianet and organ.  Dave Nardi (Dirty Nil) plays a mean electric guitar. Ross Miller thumps the bass with pinache and Dan Empringham offers up some amazing drum work.

The EP was engineered and mixed by Michael Keire at Threshold Recording Studio, and mastered by Ben Somer.

This stunning EP can be downloaded at Molly's Bandcamp page.

Video above courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers
Ghost of a Chance is more of a stripped down project with a folky, singer/songwriter feel.  There's tons of emotion and an organic, live off the floor sound.  It wonderfully showcases the other side of Molly.

Along with pianet and organ, she takes up acoustic guitar on the EP.  David Nardi returns to do a fabulous job on multiple instruments (bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar).  Last (but not least) is the great minimalist drum work from Joseph Csontos.

The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mario Pietrangeli at Downtown Sound Recording Studios

This remarkable EP can be also downloaded at Molly's Bandcamp

Video above courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers

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