Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hamilton's Frankie and Jimmy Scream the Blues and it Sounds Unbelieveable

From the dirty back alleys of Hamilton comes Frankie and Jimmy's debut LP, Scream the Blues.  As tough and gritty as Steeltown itself, the album has some raw and mighty Blues shouting. Ain't no polite, polished, soulless grooves to be found here.

The boys take a number of classic blues/early rock songs and strip them bare and roughs 'em up a little. The result is a sound that's both old fashoined and edgy with a punk-like vibe.  All beautifully masted by Mike Trebilock.

You can even get a 12" LP of this great album.  They are available at the duo's raucous live shows and can be picked up at at Hammer City, Crash Landing, Dr. Disc and Cheapies.  E-mail them at to get a copy as well.  As if their live shows weren't hot enough, you can also buy Frankie and Jimmy's hot sauce there too.  Each bottle comes with a download code for the album.

Videos above courtesy of Frankie and Jimmy

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