Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Susan Wylde's Simply Complex an Epic Collection of Many Styles

Local singer/songwriter Susan Wylde never gets complacent on her latest disc, Simply Complex.  Each song has its own unique personality and she adds extraordinary spirit to every single one.

This is truly a roots (with emphasis on the plural) album as Susan explores every vein: Blues, Jazz, Country and so forth.  The intermingling of styles makes this an epic collection of hard stompin' tunes and tender, soulful melodies.

Simply Complex also features some incredible guitar work from the late, great, Brian Griffith.  His masterful playing adds some extra beauty to a project that already boasts a ton of it.

This album is packed with other incredible guests such as Wendell Ferguson, Jack deKeyzer, Pete Schmidt, Carrie Ashworth, Mark Cashion, Alec Fraser, John Dustin, Dave McMorrow, Rick Donaldson, Bob Siboney, Colleen Allen, Turner King, Dave Dunlop, Jerome Godboo, Paul Reddick, and Shelley Hines.

You can download this must-have collection through cdbaby or iTunes.

Video above courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers

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