Wednesday, February 17, 2016

St. Catharines Group, Le Trio Parisien Will Transport You to Paris!

Can't afford to go to Paris?  Well you can get the next best thing by picking up C'est Ci Bon, the latest album from Le Trio Parisien ft Juliet Dunn.  This beautiful Jazz recording will transport you to a patio in a little European cafe.

St. Catharines chanteuse Juliet Dunn has a breathtaking voice that will melt your heart and get your toes tapping.   The lady can handle upbeat cabaret numbers and slinky, sultry torch songs (and all in French too!)

Joining her is Peter Shea (who teamed up with Juliet as (the Shea D Duo), Neva Tesolin, and Adrian Juras.  They handle multiple instruments and do an impeccable job with the European flavour of the sound.

If you're ready for a wonderful sonic trip, you can pick up a copy of the CD at their live shows and by download via

Blast From the Past: Juliet and Peter Nominated for Entrepreneur Award

Links: Le Trio Parisien, More Juliet Dunn Stories, Videos above courtesy of Juliet Dunn

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