Friday, April 1, 2016


Although they'll always have a passion for music blogging, the Hamilton Blues Lovers have now set their sights on a new challenge: movie production. These ambitious plans include Trebleclef, their beloved monkey mascot.

We caught up with HBL CEO Lou at one of his many mansions, where we asked him about how it all started.

“I was sailing in my yacht, hanging with Steven Spielberg”, he explained humbly. When Lou introduced him to Trebleclef, the famous director was immediately enamored with his acting skills.

"Steven begged him to star in his films," he added, "but being a loyal little monkey, he checked with me first. That's when the idea popped into my head. I decided to use my vast wealth to start my own movie production company with Treble as my main star. His acting range is so incredible that I started the ball rolling on all types of films: sci-fi, action, drama and even romance.”

Lou also decided to use this project as a way to cast people involved in the local music scene in many important parts. Dave Rave, Wendell Ferguson, Donna Panchezak (of Trickbag), Kevin Barber, and Tomi Swick have all signed on.

If anyone else is interested, please contact April Fulcilli, the personnel manager at HBL Movie Productions. They share an office with Luigi’s Sauerkraut Warehouse on Main Street East.

In an exclusive scoop, we have the movie posters for the soon-to-be-Oscar-winning movie masterpieces.

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