Saturday, April 29, 2017

New Fred Eaglesmith CD is Evocative and Gripping

There's nothing quite like a Fred Eaglesmith album. Fred's a master Americana storyteller whose voice echoes with feeling. His latest disc, Standard continues that tradition with a sparse, beautiful sound.

As always, Fred and the band mix traditional country music with a folk sensibility and fabulous lyrics. His voice is a little more prominent in the mix than usual and it's used to the fullest effect. The evocative, almost-rough vocals are gripping.

Fred's joined by his impressive, multi-instrumental wife, Tif GinnMatty Simpson (guitar), Justine Fischer (bass), Kori Heppner (drums), and Blue Passalacqua (vocals) also use their immense talents to lend a hand.

Make sure you get a copy of this superb CD.  You can pick one up at any of Fred's unforgettable shows. They're also available at iTunes and

Blast from the Past: Fred's Tambourine CD

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