Saturday, April 22, 2017

More Marz Garage Episodes (Dave Pomfret, Nicole Christian, HPO String Trio, Greg Moverley)

Recently, local company Marz Homes started up the second season of their YouTube music video series, Marz Garage.  This is an amazing showcase for Hamilton artists.

Here are a few of these wonderful episodes.

Links: Dave PomfretMore Dave Pomfret StoriesVideo above courtesy of Marz Homes

Links: Nicole ChristianMore Nicole Christian StoriesVideo above courtesy of Marz Homes

Links: HPO, More HPO StoriesVideo above courtesy of Marz Homes

Links: Greg MoverleyMore Greg Moverley StoriesVideo above courtesy of Marz Homes

Blast from the Past: Season 1 Videos

Links: Marz Garage, More Marz Garage Stories

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