Friday, October 13, 2017

News Roundup (1st SOCAN CEO Passes, Juno Master Class, Mary Simon, Gathering Sparks)

Social media reaction:

Christopher Gonda (Pure Grain Audio CEO): In large, the Canadian Music Industry is what it is today thanks to Jan Matejcek's tireless work. Much of who I am and what I do is also thanks to him.

Orchestras Canada: Orchestras Canada was saddened to learn of the death of one of our founders, Jan Matejcek, on September 23. A musicologist and lawyer, he came to Canada in 1969. He believed in collective action, in the power that artists and arts organizations could wield by working together towards common goals, and helped to start such organizations as the Association of Canadian Orchestras, the Ontario Choral Federation, and SOCAN. He was also integrally involved in the Canadian Music Centre. Indeed, a mighty tree has fallen. We are grateful for his life and work.
Juno Master Class Winners Announced

The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Music Loving Monkey

Trebleclef went to the The Gary DePodesta Celebration of Life @ Pearl Company in Hamilton

Treble with host Christopher Clause
Click here for more pictures from the event

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