Saturday, May 23, 2020

Hamilton's The Smoke Wagon Blues Band Release Dynamic New Album!

The Ballad of Albert Johnson, the much-anticipated new album from Hamilton's The Smoke Wagon Blues Band has 13 breathtaking offerings for fans to sink their teeth into. Every tune is rooted in the Blues but the gang uses a ton of musical flavouring, giving each track it's own distinct essence. There some cajun spice mixed in here along with boogie woogie, roots, country, jazz and soul.

Everybody in the band's firing on all cylinders here.Corey Lueck's expressive vocals roar through tales of heartbreak and joy! The groove and rhythm flows and hits you with just the right amount of power. They also do an incredible job on the Fats Domino classic The Fat Man.

You can pick up this dynamic album through the band's website as well as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and more.

Video above courtesy of Corey Lueck

Video above courtesy of my blues rock chanal2018

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