Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Peggy Lee's 100th Birthday

Today (Tuesday, May 26, 2020) would have been American singer, songwriter and actress Peggy Lee's 100th birthday.

Biography highlights:
Juliet Dunn and Peter Shea and celebrated the occasion with a wonderful live Facebook performance.

We asked a few local artists to give their thoughts on the legendary singer. We will add more soon.

Brenda Brown
Peggy Lee was a beautiful communicator and a sophisticated powerhouse of a woman. Not only a gifted singer songwriter but also an actor,artist, entrepreneur and advocate for the arts. What a gift to us!
Karen Thornton
Her music was played in our home growing up. Understated sultry tone and phrasing no vocal aerobics, just a great quality to her voice and she really knew how to sell her songs.
Hailee Rose
Peggy Lee was, and still is, one of Jazz’s most inspirational female artists. Her song “Fever” introduced me to the art of simple yet captivating storytelling; painting a picture with words, and driving emotion with a minimalist sound.  A truly beautiful artist. 
Chris Ayries
If I had a coffee house, Peggy Lee would be in the top 10 on my playlist. Her sound is classic and soothing.
Here are a few videos from the lady herself.

Video above courtesy of TheUpstairsGirl

Video above courtesy of CurlySVT

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