Tuesday, March 7, 2023

New Album from Hamilton's Tim Gibbons and the Swampbusters Will Get Your Juices Flowin'

Boogalator, the newest kick-ass recording from Tim Gibbons and the Swampbusters should come with a warning: "Keep out of reach of bland, over-produced albums". It's so tough 'n' gritty, it'll send namby-pamby CDs crying home to mommy.

With the usual Swampbusters take no prisoners approach, Boogalator hooks you in with swampy, bluesy grooves and Tim's unmistakable vocals. Filled with rough and tumble numbers, as well as some funky and jazzy moments, it'll get your juices flowin'.

You can pick up a CD at any of Tim's unforgettable live shows. You can also pick it up at Dr. Disc in Hamilton.

Video above courtesy of Tim Gibbons

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