Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hamilton Blues Legend Harrison Kennedy Goes All Out on 'This is From Here'

Steeltown music veteran Harrison Kennedy has kicked things up a notch with This Is From Here (thru Electro-Fi).  The legendary Bluesman and his electric backing band are highly energized and ready to rock.

You can hear him showing off the power of his vocals.  Harrison can really go all out and show the younger musicians how it's done.  When the man needs to be slow and soulful though, his pipes are more than up to the task.  While the music is still rooted in country Blues, the sound has been kick-started and revved up.

Joining Harrison on this dynamic album are the late, great Brian Griffith, Jesse O'Brien (who also co-produces), Colin LindenChris CaddellGary CraigJohn DymondTerry Wilkins, and Nick Blagona.  Keeping up with Mr. Harrison can't be easy but these boys do an amazing job!

The robust CD can be purchased at Picks N SticksDr. Disc or via the Electro-Fi Records website.  It can also be downloaded using iTunes.

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