Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hamilton's Mississippi Bends Kick Things Off with an Amazing, Rockin' Americana EP

Newly minted Steeltown band, Mississippi Bends have unleashed their fury with an amazing self-titled EP.  This is rockin' Americana made by some of the best musicians around.

The group features incredible singer/songwriter, Mary Simon (vocals, acoustic guitar), in-demand electric guitarist Andrew Aldridge with talented veterans Carrie Ashworth (bass) and Robin Pirson (drums), Each one has an amazing musical resume on their own but together they've forged a high-energy, kickin' Country sound with soul.

Also adding a little twist to the album is Hamilton legend Tom Wilson, who co-wrote the fabulous Go Boy Go with Simon.

You can purchase a physical CD at the band's stunning performances or at Dr. Disc in Hamilton.  It can also be download it via their Bandcamp page.

Videos above courtesy of Mississippi Bends

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