Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hamilton's Alfie Smith and Nicole Christian Team Up For a Stunning Album

With Come On In My Kitchen, their first album as a duo, Hamilton couple Alfie Smith and Nicole Christian prove they mesh extremely well as a musical team.  This Busted Flat release is a must-have for any folk blues aficionados.

Alfie's gritty blues growl and Nicole's sweet voice give the disc a wonderful contrast, especially when the two sing in harmony. They even switch it up with Nicole adding an edge to her vocals on a few tracks and Alfie showing his softer side on others.  Of course, this is on top of the stunning guitar and flute work from the talented pair. The only other performer on the album is Nick Burson, who contributes some tasty percussion.

Listeners get the best of both worlds with this mix of classics (the title track, Cakewalk into Town, You Are My Sunchsine, Hound Dog, Iko Iko) and marvelous original songs.

You can pick up a physical CD at their outstanding live shows or through the Busted Flat website (it can be downloaded here too).  Downloads can also be purchased via cdbaby or iTunes.

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Video above courtesy of Paul Bottos

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