Sunday, February 15, 2015

Introducing Trebleclef the Monkey, the New HBL Mascot

We would like to welcome our new monkey mascot to the Hamilton Blues Lovers family.  We asked our readers for name suggestions and you've given us quite a few great ones; Bobo Diddley, Bluezilla, Bongo, Bobalamadingdong, JimBob, Reese, Buffin, Rio, and many more.  Our choice was Trebleclef.  Welcome to the fold buddy!

Trebleclef will be popping up at a few locations soon and we'll keep you posted of his antics.  There'll be a link up soon that you can check out.

Links: BB King, More BB King Stories/Covers,  Video above courtesy of Clark Stooksbury

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Links: Grateful DeadVideo above courtesy of Music Vault

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