Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hamilton's Dreamers Deliver Two Remarkable, Unique EPs

Dreamers is the remarkable side project of Riley Ducharme and Spencer Jones, members from Hamilton's Indie Rock sensation, Boy with an Atlas.  Recently, the duo released two unique EPs that showcase different musical sides.

The first one, In The End And From The Start, displays their softer, folkier side.  Ethereal vocals and expressive guitar work meld to create an beautiful sound.  Featuring additional vocals by Xochil A. Warden

If you can't see the player below, click here.

Next, the duo unleashed Get Your Dancing Shoes, a livelier recording with an indie feel.  The boys more than prove they can rock it out with the best of them.

So whether you feel like savouring the music or shakin' things up, one of these EPs will do the job for you and you'll have fun doing it.

Either one can be downloaded through their Bandcamp Page 

Blast from the Past: Boy With An Atlas Debut EP

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  1. This was amazing music, easy to listen to and I thoroughly enjoyed it.